Egypt Legal Update

The Ministry of Trade and Industry issued last week two decisions pertaining to Export Councils. The first decision organizes the legal and administrative structure of Export Councils in general while the second decision recomposes the board of directors of a number of key Councils. This

Decree Assigning Minister of I

The Prime Minister has issued Decree No 1909 of 2014[1] delegating the Minister of

Amendments to the Mortgage Fin

Upon its issuance the Mortgage Finance Law No. 148 of 2001 did not only purport to organise mortgage lending, but to also provide the institut

Greater Powers for the New and

Egypt’s New and Renewable Energy Authority ("NREA") was established by Law No. 102 of 1986, and operates under the supervision of the

New Regulations for Private Sc

Private education holds an increasingly significant role in the Egyptian educational system, especially as the quality of public education con

The Arab Convention for Combat

The Arab Convention for Combating Cross-border Organised Crime By virtue of Presidential Decree No 277/2014

Egypt Ratifies Convention on I

Egypt recently entered into an international agreement with its regional counterparts on information technology crimes, also classified as ‘di

New Requirements for the Split

Much time has passed since the enactment of the Companies Law No. 159 of 1981 in Egypt, which included provisions for the merging of two or mo

Organising the Board of the In

One of the main pillars of the Egyptian regulatory system is the "Fund Protecting Those Dealing in Securities from Financial Non-Commercial Ri

Changes to the Investment Law

After a long debate which lasted for three months, an amendment to the Investment Law was issued in the middle of March.

The Amendment of the Executive

The Minister of Investment issued decision No. 45 of 2015 amending some provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Capital Market Law

EFSA Issues a Decision on Port

The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority’s ("EFSA") Board of Directors issued on 19 April 2015 its decision No. 40 of 2015 on the rules of

Investment Dispute Settlement

With the increasing size of investment flow and the diversity of investment sources from all over the world, investment disputes are likely to