Egypt Legal Update

The Ministry of Trade and Industry issued last week two decisions pertaining to Export Councils. The first decision organizes the legal and administrative structure of Export Councils in general while the second decision recomposes the board of directors of a number of key Councils. This

Amendment to the Investment La

Rarely has a legal issue generated as much public interest and debate as the latest amendment to the Investment Law,

Articles of Association of the

Mortgage finance in Egypt is governed by Law No. 148 of 2001[1], which defines mort

Executive Regulations for the

The Prime Minister issued decree No. 98 of 2015[1] enacting the Executive Regulations for Law No. 127 of

Significant Amendments to the

Fourteen years ago the Mortgage Finance Law was issued.[1] The primary purpose of this Law was to provide

Amendments to the Income Tax L

Finally, and after 9 months of anticipation, in the first week of April the Ministry of Finance issued Ministerial Decision No. 172 of 2015 am

New Rules on Micro-Financing A

Mid-November 2014 saw the enactment of the long-awaited Micro-Finance Law,[1] Egypt

Amendments to the Executive Re

On 19 April 2015, the Prime Minister issued a decree amending the Executive Regulations of the Environment Law, the third amendment in the las

Amendments to the Law on Chamb

Chambers of commerce play an important role in the development of trade and traders and for this reason Law No. 22 of 2015 was issued by the P

Amendments to the Construction

On the 20th of April 2015, a presidential decree was issued[1] amending some provis

Amendments to the General Sale

The recent law which was issued in mid-March to amend the Investment Law[1] include

A New Civil Service Law

On March 12, 2015, the new Civil Service Law[1] replaced the Civilian State Employe

Modifications to the Issuance

On September 1st, 2014, the President issued Decree-Law No 119 of 2014[1] organizin