About Us

The last few years have witnessed a high volume of developments in the legal environment. Decision makers in the business world need to be kept informed of the nature of these developments, how the changes are interrelated to the intricate web of the Egyptian legislative system, and how they impact their respective businesses. Through its legal publications, especially its flagship product the Egypt Legal Update, as well as through its advisory and compliance services, Thebes Consultancy seeks to respond to the growing need for the provision of legal knowledge.

Mission and Vision

Thebes Consultancy aims to be the leading provider of the highest quality legal information and advisory services in Egypt and the Arab world in order to promote better access to legal knowledge, encourage   good governance and compliance , support legal and institutional reform, and assist our clients maximize the return on their investments.



Thebes Consultancy is committed to dedicating some of its resources and expertise in supporting projects and initiatives that promote sustainable development in Egypt and empowers those in need. We have recently supported, and continue to support, the following organizations:

  • Rise Egypt Global non-profit that is leveraging its network of top experts, investors and researchers to accelerate entrepreneurship for development in Egypt.
  • BANATY association, an Egyptian non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of homeless girls in Cairo.
  • Sheraa Association, an Egyptian independent and non-profit think tank dedicated to legal, economic and social research.
  • Ahmed Bahaa-Eldin Friends Association, an Egyptian cultural and developmental non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting youth artistic and literary creativity as well as community development in Upper Egypt, and promoting cultural advancement and cooperation in Egypt and the Arab World.

Its founder, Dr. Ziad Bahaa El-Din was directly involved in the drafting of several legislations, including:


Participating in drafting of Competition Law No. 3


Drafting Egyptian Banking Law No. 88


Participating in drafting the Egyptian Anti Money Laundering Law No. 80


Drafting the Egyptian Securities Depository Law No. 93


Amending Egyptian Capital Market Law No. 95


Amending Egyptian Company Law No. 159

Drafting the Capital Market Law for the Arab Republic of Syria

Drafting trading and membership rules for the Libyan Stock Exchange

Drafting various commercial laws for the Arab Republic of Yemen

Acting as advisor of legislation for the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange


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