Thebes Consultancy is an Egyptian limited liability company specialising in the provision of legal information, legal and regulatory reform and compliance in the areas of commercial, financial and business law in Egypt and the Arab World. Thebes Consultancy benefits from the wide expertise of its founder and Managing Director, Dr Ziad Bahaa-Eldin, and a team of lawyers and researchers.

The scope of services provided by Thebes Consultancy is comprised of five main areas:

Legal Knowledge “Egypt Legal Update”

Doing business in Egypt requires continuous and up-to-date knowledge of developments in the commercial environment….

Regulatory Reform

Thebes Consultancy offers research and advice to sovereign clients, international organizations and development agencies in Egypt and throughout the Arab World,…

Governance and Compliance

As the world continues to face turbulent business conditions and financial markets, it has become increasingly apparent that a new regulatory system is being set up,…

Investment Advisory

As companies prepare to enter into the Egyptian market, expand their already existing presence,…

Legal Training

The intricate web of laws and regulations pertaining to business is a complex one. Any single transaction may fall under the scope of a myriad of laws and regulations….

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