Governance and Compliance

As the world continues to face turbulent business conditions and financial markets, it has become increasingly apparent that a new regulatory system is being set up, with stricter rules, better governance, higher levels of compliance and less tolerance for corrupt and dishonest practices. In Egypt, as in the rest of the Arab World, the Arab Spring has brought to the forefront new realities and expectations and accordingly, new standards for transparency, compliance, and proper observance of rules and regulations. It is in this context that Thebes Consultancy provides its clients with the tools, information, and skills to meet the challenging requirements and standards that are now expected of those active in banking, finance, asset management, company restructuring, and in business transactions in general. Compliance services offered by Thebes Consultancy include:

• Banks and financial institutions governance
• Corporate governance
• Compliance with listing rules
• Protection of public assets
• Compliance with money laundering regulations
• Corporate and regulatory compliance

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