Regulatory Reform

Thebes Consultancy offers research and advice to sovereign clients, international organizations and development agencies in Egypt and throughout the Arab World, allowing them to develop draft legislation and legislative amendments, regulations, explanatory memoranda, and other documents. The growing interest in legal and institutional reform, business facilitation, and better governance in the Arab World has led governments, donors, and development agencies to increasingly focus their attention on improving the regulatory framework for doing business and ensuring a fair balance between the rights and obligations of various social players. Legal reform, however, is not merely about the production of legislation, but ensuring that such legislation is well understood, applied and integrated into the overall legal framework. Thebes Consultancy benefits from the expertise accumulated by Dr Ziad Bahaa-Eldin over the last twenty years in advising the governments of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Libya and Yemen on various aspects of legislation and supervision pertaining to companies, investment, financial markets, prevention of money laundering, free zones and SME development.

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