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On 21 December 2015, Thebes Consultancy held a workshop for ELU subscribers in which the Movable Guarantees Law was discussed

ELU Workshop 2015

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In a time of constant legal change, Thebes Consultancy stands out as the provider of legal knowledge and legal consultancy services. The last few years have witnessed exceptionally high volumes of developments in the legal environment. Businesses need to know how these changes are of impact to them. Through its advisory and compliance services and its legal publications, especially its flagship product the Egypt Legal Update, Thebes Consultancy responds to a growing need for legal knowledge in Egypt and the Arab World.

Regulatory Reform

Thebes Consultancy offers research and advice to sovereign clients, international organisations and development agencies in Egypt and throughout the Arab World, allowing them to develop draft legislation and legislative amendments, regulations, explanatory memoranda, and other documents. The growing interest in legal and institutional reform, business facilitation, and better governance in the Arab World has led governments, donors, and development agencies to increasingly focus their attention [..]

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Governance & Compliance

As the world continues to face turbulent business conditions and financial markets, it has become increasingly apparent that a new regulatory system is being set up, with stricter rules, better governance, higher levels of compliance and less tolerance for corrupt and dishonest practices. In Egypt, as in the rest of the Arab World, the Arab Spring has brought to the forefront new realities and expectations and accordingly, new standards for transparency, compliance, and proper observance of rule[..]

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Egypt Legal Update

Doing business in Egypt requires continuous and up-to-date knowledge of developments in the commercial environment. Changes in Companies Law, Tax Regulations, Customs Procedures, Central Bank Guidelines and other regulatory changes can be immediate and significant, and knowledge thereof is a condition for making the right decision. However, mere knowledge about an amendment to a law or a regulation is not enough. Such knowledge must be accurate, immediate, and in-depth. In this spirit, Thebes Co[..]

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Investment Advisory

As companies prepare to enter into the Egyptian market, expand their already existing presence, or review their current standing, Thebes Consultancy is well-placed to advise them on the legal and regulatory framework pertaining to their investments, areas of potential change and reform, as well as on their choice of strategy, policies, and operations. Relying on Dr Bahaa-Eldin’s vast expertise in public office, Thebes Consultancy ensures that its corporate clients are well advised with respect[..]

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The intricate web of laws and regulations pertaining to business is a complex one. Any onetransaction may fall under the scope of a myriad of laws and regulations. With an increasing number of changes and amendments over the last period, it has become essential for businesses to have a basic understanding of the law as well as the latest legislative developments in order to be able to ask the right questions at the right time. In this vein, Thebes Consultancy provides training to executives on t[..]

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​​Hisham Ezz Al-Arab - Chairman and Managing Director - CIB

I have been a recipient of the Egypt Legal Update for some time now. I find the updates very informative and appreciate the simple way they are written. Putting legal issues and frameworks into context and perspective gives us a more granular picture of issues at hand. Accordingly Egypt Legal Update is widely read by CIB management and staff.

Aly El Shalakany - Senior Partner - SHALAKANY LAW OFFICE

Egypt Legal Update is a fantastic resource for any organization that wants to keep up to date with the legal developments in their jurisdiction. As one of the early subscribers to this excellent service, I have witnessed the constant improvement in the quality of the service and I can confidently say that the Egypt Legal Update has become a mainstay of our organizations’ knowledge base system. In a nutshell, the Egypt Legal Update has provided a platform for our lawyers and staff to expediently access information on all of the latest laws and legislative developments as well as very insightful commentary.

Abdelaziz Aidaros - Senior Counsel Egypt & Levant - PHILIP MORRIS MISR LLC

I find the Egypt Legal Update service an essential tool for in house counsels. It gives us a comprehensive yet concise overview of legislative developments that keeps us updated to better advise our business colleagues. I also found the recently introduced weekly update service very useful. It provides a current digest of legislative changes that ensures our team is duly and timely informed.

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